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Migoga Marble Run: Ocean | Quercetti  | 6566
Migoga Marble Run: Ocean
Migoga Marble Run: Ocean
Migoga Marble Run: Ocean

Migoga Marble Run: Ocean

Brand: Quercetti
Item # 6566
SKU: 7923
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Colorful balls that take off at the same time but follow different paths, through ocean currents, deep waters, tropical islands and underwater worlds, navigating vortices, straight lines and curves, on this marble track that features the shapes and colors of the ocean. There are plenty of pieces to build tracks like the ones in the illustrations, or to create completely new and original ones. Slides, bridges, columns and spirals can be easily fitted together in infinite combinations for endless fun playtime.

Creativity and reasoning are indispensable in order to construct nice tracks, and more importantly functioning ones. Only high-quality, sturdy, shatterproof materials are used, in order to ensure that they fit together precisely and make for a solid structure.

Age: 5-12 years old


  • 1+1 multiple start
  • 5 short straight tracks
  • 7 curved rails
  • 50 transparent and colored columns
  • 2 funnels
  • 2 switches
  • 5+5 bases/snails
  • 2 EVA snail plug
  • 12 colored marbles