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Solar System 100 Piece Puzzle
Solar System 100 Piece Puzzle

Solar System 100 Piece Puzzle

Brand: Eeboo
Item # pzsol
SKU: 8068
Age: 5+
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Our Solar System, the final frontier. eeBoo's 100 Piece Solar System Puzzle shows the vast array of cosmic bodies that exist in our corner of the universe. An educational jigsaw puzzle full of facts about the planets, their moons, and the science behind space travel. Go where no puzzler has gone before! Kelsey Oseid (@kelzuki) is the illustrator of our Solar System Puzzle. Kelsey lives in Minneapolis with her husband and their two cats. She focuses her works on natural history subjects including biodiversity and astronomy. Bugs and other insects are the hardest animals to draw because so many have intricate patterns, Kelsey says. Her favorite animals to draw are whales and sharks. Kelsey finds inspiration on nature walks around her neighborhood and visits to her local arboretum and conservatory. No puzzle's greater: Where are we bound? The answer? We're orbiting around and round! Learn more as the picture begins to get clear; Know what is out there! Be glad you're here!