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Party Nails Glitter Design Set | Make it real | 2467
Party Nails Glitter Design Set - Larger Box

Party Nails Glitter Design Set - Larger Box

Brand: Make It Real
Item # 2467
SKU: 105565
Age: 8+
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Decorating sparkly nails has never been this easy – or fun! Tweens can create 500 glittery party nails by choosing from five colors of glitter, applying the Sparkle Primer to a nail, then inserting their finger into the Sparkle Spinner. Watch as a glitter vortex forms around the nail, transforming it from plain to super sparkled in a matter of seconds!

The included glitter is biodegradable, and the glitter pods make for mess-free styling. Includes iridescent nail stickers for extra glam and open-ended results. This innovative product is sure to wow tweens with speedy and glamourous results! The perfect gift for creative tweens.