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Squishable Picnic Baby- Pineapple | Squishables | 116946
Picnic Baby Pineapple
Picnic Baby Pineapple

Squishable Picnic Baby- Pineapple

Brand: Squishables
Item # 116946
SKU: 104188
Age: 12m+
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This adorable Baby Pineapple is full of fun learning and developmental activities for your Little one. With fun sensory features like crinkles, textures, grips, and a chime bell, the youngest Squishers can have a picnic of playfulness with a delightfully quirky companion. Its super soft, squishable body makes it perfect for cuddling, and its bright yellow color and smiling face add a playful sweetness to any room. This Baby Pineapple is a great gift idea for anyone needing a cuddly new friend.

From Squishable, for ages 6 months+