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Glow In The Dark Sand Art Dragon | 6393000 | creativity for kids

Glow In The Dark Sand Art Dragon CS/6

Brand: Creativity For Kids
Item # 6393000
SKU: 107094
Age: 6+
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Layer, decorate and play with Sand Art!
  • Fill your Dragon with neon and glow sand. Add fun foil accents and glow stickers then add your little Dragon friend for extra fun!
  • Includes a unique bottle, 4 colors of sand and an easy-to-use funnel.
  • Collectible figurines for added play value.
  • Box is repurposed as a less-mess, more fun crafting station.
  • 1 Dragon bottle 4.1" w x 5.2" h x 2.2" d
  • 1 Resin dragon figure
  • Assorted stickers including foil and color
  • 1 Funnel
  • Foil accessories
  • 1 Sheet of adhesive dots
  • Assorted color and glow sand and Instructions