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Dino Love Sassy Sak with Pink T-Rex | Douglas | 2078
Dino Love Sassy Sak with Pink T-Rex

Dino Love Sassy Sak with Pink T-Rex

Brand: Douglas Cuddle Toy
Item # 2078
SKU: 103496
Age: 3+
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Dinosaurs aren't just for boys! Now little girls who aspire to be paleontologists can indulge their admiration for these prehistoric beasts with DOUGLAS' whimsical Dino Love Sassy Pet Sak! Shades of pink depict a menagerie of Dinosaur species intermixed with an assortment of ferns, rainbows, and hearts. A scalloped trim in a playful coral color embellishes the edges of this hip handbag. Standing proudly within the purse, a plush Tyrannosaurus Rex awaits the day's Cretaceous adventure. Whether you're looking for a fun way to tote your latest fossil find or simply need an accessory to complete your dress-up ensemble, DOUGLAS' Dino Love Sassy Sak and its stuffed animal sidekick couldn't be more perfect!