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Magic Swirl Sassy Sak with Pegasus

Magic Swirl Sassy Sak with Pegasus

Brand: Douglas Cuddle Toy
Item # 2082
SKU: 103494
Age: 3+
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Let your fashion fantasies take flight with DOUGLAS' fanciful Magic Swirl Sassy Pet Sak and its plush Pegasus companion! Featuring an elegant marbled pattern of pastel colors with veins of gold interspersed throughout, this handbag exudes a distinctive appearance. Golden piping runs around the edges of DOUGLAS' purse and matches the bright Unicorn horn and wings of the cuddly Pegasus stuffed animal that fits snugly within the bag. Crafted with a snowy colored coat of soft plush, the white and gold aesthetic of this cuddly companion adds to the luxurious appearance of DOUGLAS' unique dress up accessory. Let this alluring tote bring a dash of fanciness to your wardrobe and indulge yourself with a day filled with cuddly fantasy fun!