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Ginnie Soft Cream Goose

Ginnie Soft Cream Goose

Brand: Douglas Cuddle Toy
Item # 4667
SKU: 103488
Age: 24m+
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All the other birds in the barnyard know that Ginnie the Soft Goose stuffed animal means business when she lets loose with a few noisy honks! Creamy colored plush and pale orange accents make DOUGLAS' bold feathered friend an appealing companion with high cuddle value. We've weighted Ginnie's bottom with beans to allow her to sit upright and keep watch over the goings on with her alert, dark eyes. Sure to keep all the other waterfowl in line, there's no doubt that Ginnie comes out at the head of the flock! Make Ginnie your own and this spirited plush Goose will keep you on your toes!