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Scottie Highland Cow Soft

Scottie Highland Cow Soft

Brand: Douglas Cuddle Toy
Item # 4634
SKU: 100259
Age: 24m+
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Scottie is an endearing young Highland Cow stuffed animal whose breed has a long and fascinating history. Brought to the rugged land of Scotland in the Bronze Age, this charismatic variety of cattle developed their famously shaggy coats to keep warm in the strong winds of the Highlands. Tangly tufts of reddish hair on Scottie's head and tail accent his appearance and lend him a lifelike look, brimming with charm and personality. Soft, cloven hooves and large, sweet eyes complete his heartwarming design. Crafted with a floppy body style and luxurious plush fabrics, Douglas' charming rendition of this beloved Scottish breed is a worthy addition to Douglas' cuddly Soft plush collection!