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Micro Sprite LED Scooter - Sapphire Blue | SA0231 | Micro Kickboard

Micro Sprite LED Scooter - Sapphire Blue

Brand: Micro Kickboard
Item # sa0231
SKU: 106340
Age: 8+
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Experience the ultimate smooth ride with the Micro Sprite LED Scooter featuring motion-activated light-up wheels. No batteries required, making it a hassle-free and fun choice for your child's gliding adventures.
Tough and built to last, the Micro Sprite is incredibly durable, holding up to 220 lbs.
Foldable, & super portable, the Micro Sprite LED is a great scoot-to-school and travel companion for ages 6 to teen. Fold & Carry - it goes where you go!
All parts are replaceable! When your rider outgrows the Sprite LED, pass it on to a sibling or friend so it never ends up in a landfill.