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Explore S.T.E.M. with Ada Lovelace | 14116915 | mindware
Explore S.T.E.M. with Ada Lovelace showing of the contents

Explore S.T.E.M. with Ada Lovelace

Brand: Mindware
Item # 14116915
SKU: 104015
Age: 8+
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Spark an interest in computer science with this S.T.E.M. kit. Young scientists will use hands-on activities to explore the discoveries of Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer. This comprehensive kit includes everything needed to build a binary counting contraption, program pixel art and more.

Kids can use this S.T.E.M. learning resource to decode trivia, solve algorithms and perform other fun math tasks!• S.T.E.M learning kit helps kids discover the elements of computer science, including algorithms, binary and codes• Fosters an interest in computer science and encourages hands-on scientific exploration• Includes detailed informational guide book, laser-cut wood pieces and wood dowels, adhesive strips, binary cards, screws, screwdriver, decoder wheel, maze cards, programming cards, 3D maze pieces, 9 pixel art puzzles and 1 pencil

Ages 8 and up