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Tangle® Relax Therapy (assorted)

Brand: Tangle Creations
Item # 8800
SKU: 8994
Age: 5+
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Tangle® Relax Therapy is the perfect way to relieve stress and improve fine motor skills. This therapeutic fidget toy features a unique textured design, providing a tactile sensory experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Let the Tangle® Relax help you unwind and improve your well-being.

The Tangle Relax is an FDA Registered Medical Device that offers a twistable, ergonomic approach to hand therapy, minor stress relief, smoking cessation, refinement of fine motor skills, and much more. Soft, texturized rubber bumps on this Tangle provide a one-of-a-kind sensory and tactile experience in your hands. The motion is calming and fun!

The ability to #fidgettofocus is amazing! Research has shown that fidgeting quietly during stressful times can lead to soothed nerves and anxiety, more body control, focus, and improved rehabilitation. Educators everywhere use Tangles in their classrooms to aid reading and math comprehension and to keep restless minds and hands focused.