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The Fuzzies Game
The Fuzzies Game

The Fuzzies Game

Brand: ACD
Item # fuz01
SKU: 106350
Age: 6+
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Don't knock over the tower of little fuzzy balls! Don't do it! This stacking game for 2 or more players takes a some strategy, focus, and a bit of dexterity to master. It takes 1 minute to learn and 15 minutes to play, making it an ideal transitional activity or party game. Players take turns drawing cards that challenge them on how to remove a fuzzy from the stacked tower. Place it anywhere higher but don't drop it! Eventually the fuzzies tower will be a super weird shape. Don't be the one to knock it down! Includes 95 Fuzzies, 30 circular cards, 1 circular rulebook, 1 plastic container with dual purpose lid/platform, 1 tweezers.

From ACD Toys, for ages 6+ yrs.