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Adora Baby Doll Mini Stroller - Zig Zag Rainbow

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Brand: Adora
SKU: 104257
Age: 3+

Adora's Zig Zag Rainbow Baby Doll Umbrella Stroller is a delightful addition for your little one's toy collection, featuring a delightfully-crafted and practical stroller for their dolls, fluffy animals, and plush pals.

This stroller can accommodate most dolls, stuffed animals, and plush toys up to 18” in length. Your child will love the bright and fun floral print and will feel confident with the Adora printed safety belt keeping their precious baby dolls safe.

This lightweight and durable stroller is made with high-quality materials and comes fully assembled, making it easy for your child to take their favorite Adora toys on the go. When playtime is over, it conveniently folds up for easy storage. Your child will have endless hours of fun, creating special memories and bringing their favorite toys everywhere they go.