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Skippy Snail WubbaNub | mary meyer | 44672

Skippy Snail WubbaNub – 6"

Brand: Mary Meyer
Item # 44672
SKU: 106932
Age: 0m+
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Why settle for a plain pacifier when you can have a playful buddy like the Skippy Snail WubbaNub? With its plush body and soft texture, it's the perfect soothing companion for your little one. Plus, they'll love grasping onto Skippy's soft shell while they drift off to sleep.

WubbaNub Snail with sewn in pacifier. WubbaNub infant pacifiers have become almost a necessity for all new moms. Plush animal makes it easy for baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier. A truly soothing gift, WubbaNub benefits are many.

Mother Nature gives us a peek onto the forest floor with earthy, natural colors and characters. An adorable smiling snail and a fanciful mushroom in textured fabric provide a tactile experience that encourages exploration and sensory development.